Ally vs. SoFi: A Comprehensive Comparison for Your Banking Needs


Choosing between SoFi and Ally Bank for online banking? Both stand out with no monthly fees and interest checking. Let’s dive into their rates, features, and benefits to help you decide.

Quick Comparison

Interest Checking

  • SoFi: Offers competitive APY
  • Ally Bank: Provides attractive APY, free of fees or minimum balance requirements

Savings Options

  • SoFi: Delivers up to a certain APY
  • Ally Bank: Comes with a generous APY, no fees or minimums

Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

  • Ally Bank: Offers a variety of terms (3 months to 5 years) with appealing APY ranges

Money Market Accounts

  • Ally Bank: Provides a notable APY, exempt from monthly fees or minimum balances

FDIC Insurance

  • Both: Insured up to $250,000

ATM Accessibility

  • SoFi: Access to over 55,000 AllPoint Network ATMs
  • Ally Bank: More than 43,000 ATMs plus up to $10 reimbursement for non-network ATMs

Additional Features

  • Early Direct Deposit: Available with both
  • Crypto Trading: Exclusive to SoFi
  • Investment Products: Offered by both

Insights on SoFi

Established in 2011, SoFi has grown significantly, offering a range of loans and refinancing solutions. It has surpassed $73 billion in funded loans and caters to over 5 million members.

Exploring Ally Bank

Ally Bank is renowned for its comprehensive services, including round-the-clock customer support and competitive interest rates, especially on CDs. It also boasts a broad ATM network and various fee waivers.

SoFi’s Deposit Accounts

SoFi presents two main options:

  • Standard Checking and Savings
  • Plus Checking and Savings: Higher interest, loan discounts, and enhanced cashback rewards

Ally Bank’s Deposit Accounts

Ally shines with its diverse and valuable deposit account offerings, ranging from CDs and savings to checking and money market accounts.

Ideal Customer Profile

  • SoFi: Perfect for those seeking integrated financial services, including insurance, investment, and loans.
  • Ally Bank: A top choice for those desiring traditional banking services with constant support and distinct checking/savings accounts.


Both banks present a broad spectrum of accounts, addressing various banking needs. Your preference should align with the features that matter most to you.

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  • Ally vs. SoFi: How do they compare? Both are FDIC-insured with distinct strengths: SoFi for its high interest on combined accounts, and Ally for superior CD and money market rates.
  • What are Ally Bank’s limitations? Ally’s lack of physical branches may deter some, but it excels in straightforward services and minimal fees.
  • Why choose SoFi over others? SoFi stands out with high interest rates, cash back bonuses, and a community-oriented approach, including career and financial planning services.
  • Is Ally Bank reliable? As part of the reputable Ally Financial, Ally Bank is FDIC insured and known for its excellent customer service.