Retirement on a Budget: 9 Hobbies That Won’t Empty Your Pockets

Man walking barefoot on beach

Retirement offers a golden opportunity to delve into new interests and rekindle old ones. While the quest for enriching yet budget-friendly hobbies can seem daunting, a wide array of activities await that offer fulfillment without straining your finances. This guide showcases nine hobbies that blend affordability with enjoyment, illustrating that a fulfilling retirement doesn’t require […]

The 9 Major Problems Facing Social Security

Social Security remains a cornerstone of American social programs, sparking debates about its funding, administration, and sustainability. Despite varying opinions, the significance of Social Security is universally acknowledged. However, structural and economic challenges loom over its future. This article delves into the primary hurdles Social Security must surmount to achieve its goals. The Impact of […]

Social Security: Should You Start Claiming Early?

Determining the ideal time to start claiming Social Security benefits is a pivotal decision in retirement planning. Although the standard “full retirement age” is 67, options to claim benefits range from as early as age 62 to as late as age 70. The timing of your claim can significantly impact the monthly benefit amount you […]

Strengthening Social Security: President Biden’s Initiatives

The stability of the Social Security Old Age and Survivors Insurance Trust (OASI) is a pressing issue, with projections indicating potential depletion by 2033. President Joe Biden has proposed strategies to address the significant $22.4 trillion funding gap highlighted in the 2023 Trustees Report. Without intervention, retirees could face benefit reductions of up to 23% […]